What's the precision of the In/Out device?

In/Out is 99% accurate, 100% trustworthy. With a precision of two to three centimetres in average, In/Out is ideal for your Sunday tournament match, for recreational play or junior tennis.

On which surface can the In/Out device work?

Any. Hard court, carpet, clay, grass. As long as there are a few white lines.

Can it work on any court?


Can it work for double play?

Yes. Having a second device on the other net post for double improves the experience.

Can it detect let serve?

Yes. There is an accelerometer inside the device that detects when the ball hits the net.

Does it work indoor? Under the lights?

Yes. Though the lights need to be of good quality.

Can I install the device on any net post?

Yes. Our smart attachment system has been designed to work with ANY net post.

How long does it take to install the device?

In less than a minute, the device can be up and ready to do line calling.

How long does the battery run?

The In/Out device can run more than two hours for line call, one hour and half when recoding or streaming video.

What's the quality of the recorded video?

1080p. Note that the screen resolution and framerate used for the line call features are different from the ones for recording.

Can I access ball data produced by the device?

Yes, we will have an open API to access aggregated data per play, generated by the In/Out device.

What kind of protection is there if I leave the device behind?

First, your phone will ring if the device goes too far away from your phone. Secondly, a device can be permanently associated with one phone so that it can be used with another one.

What's inside the package?

The device and its battery. The net post attachment. A USB cable. A carrying pouch.

What's the storage capacity of the device?

There is an internal 4GB card. There is also an external SD card slot for use of any of your existing cards.

Does the device produce sound to call a ball in or out?

Yes. You can modify the device settings so that the device produces light, loud sound or both for each call.

Can I use two devices on each side of the net?

Yes. Both devices will communicate together to decide the call. It might be a good idea if you play double but this is not a requirement.

If you have a question in mind, submit it. We will add it to the list.