Please take your time and read this page. It's not that long.

Latest firmware is 2018-11-11.

Read the firmware upgrade page on the support website to learn how to upgrade.

To upgrade from the HotSpot web interface (method A - recommended), first download this bin file: firmware.bin and follow the instructions here.

To upgrade using a microSD card (method C), first download this img file: flasher.img, burn it to the card using Etcher and then follow the instructions here.

The current firmware is available here: 2018-11-11.

All the past firmwares are available here: 2017-09-09, 2017-10-31, 2017-11-19, 2017-12-05, 2018-01-01, 2018-02-02, 2018-03-03, 2018-04-04, 2018-05-05, 2018-06-06, 2018-07-07, 2018-08-08, 2018-09-09, and 2018-10-10.