What is the price of a v3.0 device?

Net Device is sold for $275. The Line Devices are sold by two for $125. Those prices are in USD. For international orders, your bank will make the currency conversion.

When can I get a v3.0 device?

Now! Production has been finished in Asia and is currently on its way to the California warehouse by boat which takes a long time. It will be fully available for sale in March 2021. An early stock of Net Devices has flown by air is available for immediate sale. There is a temporary premium fee to get access to this early stock of Net Devices.

When will my credit card be charged? Are you storing credit card information?

Your credit card is charged when ordering. Credit card information is immediately transfered to the Stripe payment service and is NOT stored on the In/Out server at any moment. Credit card is the only payment method possible.

Can I cancel or return my order?

All sales are final and there is no return or cancel policy. In/Out is a work of one man only. I have designed the whole system from A to Z including the design of a chip. I do the production myself in China and I handle marketing and support from my PC. On top of that, margin is very thin to keep an affordable price. So, it's not possible to support the burn of unwanted device. Sorry about that.

What is included in each order?

For a Net Device order: the Net Device itself, a battery, a protective rubber sleeve, the net post attachment and its band, A USB cable and a cool carrying ball to transport the device in your tennis gear bag. For the Line Devices order: two Line Devices, two batteries, a USB cable and a carrying case.

What kind of batteries is In/Out using?

Both net and Line Devices use the same custom In/Out 3000mAh battery. The battery life is between ninety minutes and two hours for the Net Device depending of usage. It's around 10 hours for the Line Devices.

How can I extend the battery experience of In/Out?

The In/Out device comes with one removable battery. If you select the option to record video while doing line calling, battery will drain quicker. You have two options to extend the experience of In/Out:

- buy an additional In/Out battery. In/Out has been designed so that the battery is removable. It's very easy to switch: you even don't need to remove the In/Out device from the net post.

- Or you can bring your own power bank with a USB cable. Just put your bank at the bottom of the net post and plug the USB cable into the In/Out device. It will power the device and also recharges the battery. This second option is probably best as you can get the device running as long as your power bank is big.

Can I install the device on any net post?

Yes. The smart attachment with the strap that goes around the net post has been designed to work on any net post. One strap is usually enough though it might be short if the net post is very old and big. A second strap can be purchased in the store in the accessories category.

How long does it take to install the Net Device?

In seconds, the Net Device can be up and ready to do line calling.

Can there be a fixed attachment?

You can purchase the In/Out cage which is made of carbon fiber and is available in the store in the accessories category. The latest cage has a top which fully protects the device and can be locked with a provided small locker.

Can In/Out be powered from a power outlet?

Yes, v3.0 can now be fully powered from a power outlet so you are not dependent of the limited time of a battery. You can read more at http://support.inout.tennis/fixed-installation.

What are the differences between the different hardware versions?

Version 1.0 was released in October 2017, version 1.1 in April 2018, version 2.0 in September 2019, version 3.0 in February 2021.

Though the core chip is the same for all those versions, the Net Device has been improved along four generations to take into account the feed-back of the current users:
- a better carrying ball that can resist any external shock (v1.1)
- a redesign of the plastic enclosure around the cameras so that the lenses are more securely fastened (v1.1 Net Device)
- an ergo that prevents the battery from being inserting upside down (v1.1 Net Device)
- a reinforced shipping packaging (v1.1 Net Device)
- a user manual printout (v1.1 Net Device)
- an active thermal dissipation system (v2.0 Net Device)
- improved cameras lenses to better deal with difficult light conditions (v2.0 Net Device)
- a better antenna system for improved communication with Net Devices (v2.0 Net Device)
- a third middle camera (v3.0 Net Device)
- the inclusion of the smart IO chip second generation (v3.0 Net Device)
- a better ejection of the battery (v3.0 Net Device)
- a more powerful core chip (v3.0 Line Device)
- the inclusion of the smart IO chip second generation (v3.0 Line Device)
- a better antenna system for improved communication (v3.0 Line Device)
- a redesign of the plastic enclosure around the camera so that the lens are more securely fastened (v3.0 Line Device)
- an improved more reliable power button (v3.0 Line Device)
- a better shipping packaging (v3.0)

In summary, v1.1 fixed the flaws of v1.0, v2.0 brought the Line Device, v3.0 added a third camera to thet Net Device and improved the Line Device.

Can any version of the Net Devices be mixed?

Yes. All Net Devices are compatible between each other.

Can I use only the Line Devices?

No. Though the Line Devices make their own calls, the information is transmitted to the Net Devices. The Line Devices assist the Net Device(s) the same way the line umpires assist the chair umpire.

Can I use the Line Devices with version 1.x?

Unfortunately, you need at least one In/Out version 2.0/3.0 Net Device to operate those Line Devices but you can have one version 1.x on one net post and one version 2.0/3.0 on the other net post. The Line Devices communicate to the version 2.0/3.0 Net Device with a special chip for low latency. This chip (and the corresponding antenna) is not present in the version 1.x Net Device.

Can I upgrade my version 1.x devices?

If you have purchased only one version 1.x device, you are good. We recommend two Net Devices and you can mix version 1.x and 2.0/3.0 Net Devices. Also, if you want to use the Line Devices, you need a version 2.0/3.0 Net Device. So you can buy a version 3.0 Net Device in the store and you can optionally add the Line Devices.

If you have purchased two Net Devices version 1.x in the past (devices are blue), we will give you a $50 discount for the purchase of a new version 3.0 Net Device (so $225 instead of $275). As explained above, you can mix version 1.x and version 2.0/3.0 Net Devices and you need one version 2.0/3.0 Net Device to receive the information from the Line Devices. YOu can find out which hardware version you have by browsing this page.

Is there any software upgrade restriction?

No. Current software 3.0 is backward compatible with any In/Out hardware including the oldest v1.0 hardware. We are continuing to support and improve both hardware version 1.x and 2.0/3.0 with the same unified software. The software experience is the same whatever hardware you are using.

How many Line Devices do I need? Which setup are you recommending?

For an amateur match, two Net Devices and two Line Devices aligned with the baselines are recommended. The side lines are well covered by the Net Devices are they are in the same direction of the cameras of the Net Devices. The baselines are more difficult for the Net Devices because the cameras are in a perpendicular direction and at a low height. Hence, the Line Devices dedicated to the baselines.

For professionnal tournament, you can consider the setup of two Net Devices and ten Line Devices, one Line Device per line. You will get amazing accuracy like on TV everywhere. It's overkill for an amateur match.

What is the accuracy of In/Out?

One device is ideal for video and stats but it cannot provide great accuracy. To get millimeters accuracy, it's recommended to purchase two Net Devices and two Line Devices. As a comparison, the ITF requires 5mm accuracy for grand slam tournaments and an average ATP/WTA line umpire usually can not do better than three to five centimeters with a high reliability (proven by studies). Players (including you - sorry about that) usually do mistakes even higher than 20 centimers. Here is an example of Alexander Zverev making a 50-centimeter error in front of him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxXOPKXskoE

How long does it take to install the Line Devices?

In seconds, the Line Devices just need to be aligned with the baseline. There is no pairing or long procedure needed. You even do NOT need to fire a test ball.

What software is shipped with the In/Out device?

In/Out firmware can be used on any version 1.x and version 2.0/3.0 hardware. In/Out upgrades are all free. Access to the cloud with all your stats is free too. You can export data in a JSON or CSV format. It includes the ball bounce timestamp. The only restriction is that data access is free for personal usage - you cannot use data for commercial purpose without our agreement.

Can it work for doubles play?

Doubles is currently supported though the device handles a little bit better single. It's constantly being improved along the monthly firmware upgrades.

What's the difference between using one and two devices?

The experience is exactly the same. The advantage of two devices is better reliablity and better precision. For video and stats, one device is enough. For line calling, two devices is recommended.

How is the device protected?

The device is reinforced and protected with a rubber sleeve in a form of a smiley. A fixed carbon fiber cage around the device, sold as an accessory, is available. It even comes with a lock.

What is the warranty?

The warranty is six month long from the date of shipping and ONLY covers failure of the electronics parts. There is only one free round trip shipping for US customers in case the warranty applies.

Which countries are you shipping to?

USA, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Curacao, Cyprus, Denmark, Equator, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, New-Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, Uruguay, and Vietnam. If your country is not in the list, contact inout@inout.tennis.

What is the shipping method and pricing?

Shipping to USA costs $20 for one device, $25 for two devices ; once tendered to the shipping center, it will take around two days to reach the destination in the USA. International shipping costs are $40 for one device, $45 for two devices ; once tendered to the shipping center, it will take between one and two weeks to reach the destination. There is no handling fee.

Do I have to pay taxes in the website store?

You have to pay taxes on the In/Out website (8.5%) only if your shipping address is to California.

On which surface does the In/Out device work?

Any surface. Hard court, carpet, clay, grass. As long as there are white lines. For clay, it's recommended to clean the lines.

Does it work indoor? Under the lights?

Yes. Though the lights need to be of good quality.

What's the quality of the recorded video?

1080p for each half-court. You can also stream the video to a phone, tablet or PC. Note that the screen resolution and framerate used for line calling are different from the ones for recording.

What's the storage capacity of the device?

There is 4GB of internal storage. There is also an external SD card slot for use of any of your existing cards. Any microSD card should work.

Does the device is forced to produce sound to call a ball in or out?

No. You can modify the device settings so that the device produces light or loud sound or both or nothing for each call.

Does the device support pickleball?

Yes! The In/Out hardware can handle many sports. Note that a different attachment is needed. Please visit the pickleball support page.

Does the device support badminton?

Yes! But it's reserved for the Chinese market only and needs to be purchased on the Taobao platform from a Chinese IP address.

If your question is not answered, you can ask it by email. You can buy the device in the store.